The Healers Perspective Podcast

#025: You've Been Time Jumping And You Never Noticed!

January 03, 2022 Emily Miotto Season 2 Episode 1
The Healers Perspective Podcast
#025: You've Been Time Jumping And You Never Noticed!
Show Notes

WELCOME TO 2022 and Season 2 of Awaken the Wisdom Podcast!

This season we're truly diving into the mind, and discovering all the secrets that have been hidden from our consciousness.

There will be guest speakers diving into lunar cycles, breathwork, psychedelic, neuroscience, and more!

2022 is the year for expansion, abundance, and freedom!

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Today's episode is all about TIME JUMPING!  This is extremely important to know to ensure that you're consciously controlling this superpower before it controls you!

This episode covers:

  • What is Time Jumping and how it's done
  • How you are UNCONSCIOUSLY time jumping
  • The 15-minute rule to know when you're time jumping
  • The body unconscious response to traumatic memories
  • How to CONTROL this time jumping
  • The neuro-emotional loop of time jumping


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